More Tips to Help Sell your House



In a recent post, I mentioned that one of the very important details in preparing your House for sale is the First Impression. That article is called Tips to Prepare your Home for a Fast Maximum Priced Sale.

We discussed the importance of making a good impression when someone walks into your house for the first time. But another consideration is the First Impression when they drive up to the house. They will definitely notice how kept or unkept the appearance from the road is. Is the lawn cut and trimmed? Are the flower beds free of weeds?

Keeping these questions in mind, let’s continue on with our list of tips.

TIP # 11 – As indicated above, Your house should look as sharp as possible from the road. Lawn and garden are very noticable. Bright flowers are cheerful and liven things up.
I am not suggesting that you spend a lot of money having your yard landscaped in preparation for the sale. Landscaping gives a very poor return for your money spent. It may be worthwhile however, to purchase some planters that look attractive and in bloom.

TIP # 12 – Likewise with the backyard, clean and trim it up. Sometimes a back corner tends to accumulate items that are no longer useful. They need to be taken away before the house is shown.  If the deck or porch has peeling paint, then scraping and repainting is a good idea. Also minimize clutter on the deck so that it appears larger.

TIP # 13 – One common trap that sellers tend to fall into is making the garage into an area to store things. You are selling your house, and you will be boxing belongings up, so instead of cluttering up the garage, just rent a storage locker and take what needs to be stored to the storage unit.
Potential buyers want to see what they may be purchasing, and it can be difficult to imagine their vehicles in the garage when it is stuffed full.

Basements are similar in this respect. Putting your clutter into the garage or basement is just rearranging clutter. Again, make it go away.

TIP # 14 – When packing up some of your belongings, consider the items and decide if they are worth moving or would it be a lot simpler just to take them to the thrift shop. This can be a great time to thin the not needed from the needed. Sorting belongings out is one of the benefits of moving.

TIP # 15 – Now back in the house, take a look at your kitchen counters. They need to be empty. Even the toaster and coffee machine should be put away if possible. You want buyers to focus on the space that is available instead of focusing on your toaster.

TIP # 16 – Lighting. Your realtor will probably coach you to leave the lights turned on for a showing. Even if they don’t mention this, it is a good idea to turn on the main lights when you leave.  In addition, if it is a bright day and you have louvered blinds, instead of turning them down, try turning them up. This directs the natural light onto the ceiling and brightens the room.

TIP # 17 – When entering a bedroom, you don’t want the buyer to see the head of the bed first, if possible. They should see the foot of the bed first. Seeing the head first disturbs the flow of the room and makes it seem smaller.

TIP # 18 – If some of the rooms seem drab, especially after removing some of your belongings to simplify, consider adding bright attractive accent cushions. They can compliment the colors and add warmth at the same time.

TIP # 19 – Don’t forget the closets. Some people have clean, neat organized closets. The rest of us use them for cramming all our clothes, shoes and christmas wrapping in. Again, we want buyers to see this in the best light, so if you are not using some of the items stored there in the near future, then pack those things up and put them in storage. Your closet will appear larger.

TIP # 20 – Don’t stress out. Just do the best that you can do, and hopefully these tips will get you motivated. It can be a lot of fun, reorganizing a house that will soon belong to someone else.

Some of these tips will be applicable to your situation and others not. Staging is common sense, simplifying and allowing buyers to see themselves in your home.

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