Seniors and Real Estate – Some Thoughts

We all age, mature, and eventually get to the point where we either do not chose to do certain things or are not able to do the activities that our minds think that we can do. So, it is a question that needs to be answered when we get to this point of wondering – do we sell the house and downsize, or what should we do ?

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Vacationing in Mexico

Puerto VAllarta

Lots of sights to see in Puerto Vallarta

If you mention that you are planning a holiday in Mexico, someone is sure to inform you that it is not safe in Mexico. So, let’s discuss safety first. On our local news lately, we have heard of murders, attempted murders, armed robberies and quite a bit of drug and gang activity. And we live near a small city in Canada where the area is known for agriculture, oil and hard workers. My point is that there is crime everywhere, so how you handle yourself is of great importance.

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What is ICF Construction – Why Use It ?

Strange as it may seem, there are some people in this world who do not know what ICF means. Let me help change that. ICF is an acronym that stands for Insulated Concrete Forms. Basically these are stacking styrofoam panels with webs spreading them apart. When the blocks are stacked up according to design, they create a hollow wall with styrofoam on the inside and the outside. This has reinforcing rod placed in it, then is pumped full of concrete to create a solid, insulated, concrete wall.

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It’s Summer – Now what?

So your kids have been out of school for a few weeks now. They pictured long days of uninterrupted video games. You pictured something more like sleeping in, clean bedrooms; happy carefree days of Summer! Now you hear, “I’m bored”, arguing and defiant protests to your requests for help!
What can you do?

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What Type of House Should I buy ?

Types of Single Family Detached Houses

When looking to purchase a house, one of the questions to ask is, What Style of houses do we want ? Should it be a bungalow or a 2 story house ? Does it need to have a basement or not ? What about a garage ? Should the house have a front attached garage, or a detached garage, or none at all? There is no right or wrong here, it is more about what works best for you and your budget.

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Why Use a Realtor to Buy a House?

Why People Use Realtors (Well, Some of the Reasons)



The contracts are created to protect you and to make sure that you can safely collapse  the offer if some conditions are not met. For instance, if you want to buy a house and need to finance the purchase, the Realtor will ensure that there is a financing condition included in the offer, for your protection.  Then should the bank decline your financing application, you can collapse the offer with no penalty and have the initial (good faith) deposit returned.  Without this condition, you are purchasing this house. So if you don’t have the financing, you are in Breach of Contract and face the possibility of legal action. You would also forfeit the Initial Deposit. Realtors will guide you throughout the process. They know how to deal with different conditions and contracts. They know how to structure the contract for your protection.

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Be Aware When Buying a Used House

old house


I am not suggesting that one should not buy a used house, I am saying that there are things that you should be aware of when looking at houses. A home inspection by a qualified inspector is highly recommended as a condition in any offer, but there are some areas that you can observe and then decide if you should consider placing an offer or not.

When first walking up to house, look at the final grading. Does it slope towards the house or away? Final grade should always slope away from the house to direct water away from the house.
While observing the grade, pay attention to the foundation. Are there noticeable cracks that water can get into ? This can be a greater issue in northern climates, because when the water freezes it expands, increasing the problem.

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More Tips to Help Sell your House



In a recent post, I mentioned that one of the very important details in preparing your House for sale is the First Impression. That article is called Tips to Prepare your Home for a Fast Maximum Priced Sale.

We discussed the importance of making a good impression when someone walks into your house for the first time. But another consideration is the First Impression when they drive up to the house. They will definitely notice how kept or unkept the appearance from the road is. Is the lawn cut and trimmed? Are the flower beds free of weeds?

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RVing or Camping ?

In today’s busy world, it can make great sense to take a break and get away. Just chill out and relax for a while. Then the questions arise –  Should we go away on a vacation ?   Should we go sight-seeing ? Maybe we should try camping ?

When some people think of the word camping, often they conjure up images of roughing it, getting wet, sleeping on rocky ground, and straddling a jack pine when nature calls. While all those things can still be done if so desired, but most will go for options that have at least some of the comforts of home.

A dry covering over your head, a soft bed to sleep on, and yes, a nearby washroom would be nice. Many of those enjoying camping carry those thoughts a bit further, and include a furnace, fridge, and even a hot water tank. So where does one start, and what factors should be considered? [Read more…]

Tips to Prepare your Home for a Fast Maximum Priced Sale

When deciding to sell your home, one question that will come up is – Are you going to Stage your House ?

Staging is not a new concept, it has been around since the 70’s.  The fact that it is still used is proof that it works.  Often the results show that staging gets the most possible money for your house in the shortest amount of time.   This is good, right ?

Another thought to consider is the First Impression. As it has been said, you only get one chance to make a First Impression. So seeing your house for the first time does need to be a positive experience.

Staging is not to be confused with decorating. Decorating is a personal thing, and may or may not suit the buyer, as everyone has different tastes. Staging needs to appeal to the buyer’s imagination of how this home would work for them. [Read more…]